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    copper coated steel strip
    double wall brazed tube series products
    cold-drawn precision single welded steel tube series products
    surface treatment of double wall tube
    oil tube and oil tube assemblies
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         Jingda£¨Jingzhou£©Automotive Co., Ltd. is a Sino-US joint venture Company of Hubei Jingda Precision Steel Tube Industry Co., Ltd and Cooper Standard Automotive Holding Co., Ltd£¬which is one of global largest auto parts manufacturers. Jingda (Jingzhou) Automotive Co., Ltd. is located in Jingzhou high-tech development zone, covering 130,000©O.Now the company owns 25 double wall brazed tube mills and 8 production lines including Zinc plating, PVF coating ,PA12 extruding and hot-dip Galfan + Al-rich epoxy coating processes. Using an in-line process, we can produce all kinds of applied tubes such as zinc plating, PVF coating, Nylon coating and Algal coating tubes. The range of products varies from different diameters for both of single wall welded tubes and double wall brazed tubes. The products are mainly used for brake system, power steering system, fueling system and cooling system of automobiles. The annual production capacity of 170 million meters can meet the requirements of auto manufacturers such as Ford, GM, and VW for automotive tubes.
               Our company has established nationwide sales network. The main supporting manufacturers in China are Shanghai VW, FAW-Volkswagen£¬Chongqing Changan, Hainan Mazda, Liuzhou Isuzu, Anhui Chery and so on The products are also exported to foreign countries and districts such as Southeast Asia, Middle East, North America, and South Africa and so on.
               The company cooperates with domestic universities and research institutions and invites experts at home and abroad in developing new products. It owns R&D center for environment-protective automobiles and provincial enterprise technology center. The company¡¯s professional and technical R & D personnel covered 34% of the whole employees.
                The company has mastered core technologies for auto tube making and tube surface treatment in recent years, and has obtained a number of national patents. The technologies developed such as production line of environmental-protective hermetically sealed galvanization and all-digital tube mills have been possessed of independent intellectual property. Moreover, the auto fuel tubes based on the environmental -protective technology and all-digital tube mills have reached the advanced level in the world. Now it has become the R&D base of environmental- friendly auto tubing of Hubei Province.
                The company has established the stable sales network and the products are sold to over 90% domestic automobile manufacturers such as Shanghai Volkswagen, Shanghai GM Wuling, FAW-Volkswagen£¬Chongqing Changan,Changan Ford Mazda,GAC Changfeng,JAC Autos, Anhui Chery, Geely, Hainan Mazda, Jiangxi Isuzu, BYDAutos, etc. The products are also exported to international automotive markets as Southeast Asia, Middle East, North America, and South Africa and so on.

    Copyright Jingda (jingzhou) Automotive Co.,Ltd The ICP preparation 05009989 No.
    Company address:Hubei province Jingzhou City Economic and Technological Development Zone East Road No. 127 Zip code:434000 Tel:0716-8257126
    E-mail:hbjingda@163.com Access statistics£º
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